Hymns, #941

The Kingdom - Its Meaning

Eng/Kor:941  Chin:745  Span:426  Rus:338  Tag:941  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Lowell Mason

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God's kingdom is God's reigning,

His glory to maintain;

It is His sovereign ruling,

His order to sustain.

He exercises fully

His own authority

Within His kingdom ever

And to eternity.


Upon the throne, the center

Of government divine,

God reigns, and with His purpose

Brings everything in line.

God's headship and His lordship

He only can maintain

As King within His kingdom,

O'er everything to reign.


By reigning in His kingdom

God worketh all His will,

And under His dominion

His purpose doth fulfill.

'Tis only in God's kingdom

His blessing we may know;

'Tis from His throne almighty

The stream of life doth flow.


Submitted to God's ruling,

All virtue thus will win;

Rebellion to His Headship

Is but the root of sin.

The evil aim of Satan —

God's throne to overthrow;

Our aim and goal is ever

His rule to fully know.


Within God's sovereign kingdom

His Christ is magnified;

When Christ in life is reigning,

The Father's glorified.

When God is in dominion,

All things are truly blessed;

When Christ for God is reigning,

God's glory is expressed.


In fulness of the seasons

God's Christ will head up all,

Then all will own His reigning

And worship, great and small.

Such reign in life and glory

The Church e'en now foretastes,

And to His rule submitting

Unto His kingdom hastes.

Hymn #941