Hymns, #943

The Kingdom - Its Requirement

Eng/Kor:943  Chin:747  Span:428  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:472

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from Robert A. Schumann

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Requirements of the Kingdom are

Much stricter than the law's decrees;

No other requisite of God

Has ever higher been than these.


"Repent, the Kingdom has come near,"

This is the Kingdom's first demand;

A change of mind we all must have

And on God's side must firmly stand.


That we the Kingdom enter in,

Surpassing righteousness we need,

Exceeding that which is of law;

From life alone it must proceed.


That we the Kingdom enter in,

We need to do the Father's will,

Not by our choice to work or act

But His one purpose to fulfill.


That we the Kingdom enter in,

A simple child we must become —

Adjustable, obedient, meek —

And everything of self o'ercome.


The Heav'nly Kingdom e'en requires

That we as God should perfect be;

This standard we must fully meet

That we may share its ecstasy.


The Kingdom is the reign of God

To match His nature is required;

'Tis only by the life of God

The Kingdom's entry is acquired.


The Kingdom is the rule of heav'n;

With heaven's state we must accord;

'Tis only by the life of heav'n

That we may share it with the Lord.

Hymn #943