Hymns, #819

The Church - The Increase of Christ

Eng/Kor:819  Chin:594  Span:348  Rus:329  Tag:819  Fra:-  Por:374

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:T. Willey

Hymn using same tune: #636 (Tune 2)


As the body is the fulness

To express our life,

So to Christ the Church, His Body,

Doth express His life.


E'en as Eve is part of Adam

Taken out of him,

So the Church is Christ's own increase

With Himself within.


As from out the buried kernel

Many grains are formed,

As the grains together blended

To a loaf are formed;


So the Church, of many Christians,

Christ doth multiply,

Him expressing as one Body,

God to glorify.


As the branches of the grapevine

Are its outward spread,

With it one, abiding, bearing

Clusters in its stead;


So the Church's many members

Christ's enlargement are,

One with Him in life and living,

Spreading Him afar.


Fulness, increase, duplication,

His expression full,

Growth and spread, continuation,

Surplus plentiful,


Is the Church to Christ, and thereby

God in Christ may be

Glorified thru His redeemed ones

To eternity.


Thus the Church and Christ together,

God's great mystery,

Is the mingling of the Godhead

With humanity.

Hymn #819