Hymns, #821

The Church - The Vessel of Christ

Eng/Kor:821  Chin:595  Span:350  Rus:331  Tag:821  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Charles J. Vincent

Hymn using same tune: #862


The Church the vessel is to Christ,

Him to contain and Him express,

Just as the human body doth

Man's life show forth, his life possess.


As was the temple to the ark,

Receptacle and resting-place;

So Christ the Church's content is,

And in the Church, Christ's dwelling-place.


As Christ is God's true mystery,

God to explain and God express;

So is the Church Christ's mystery,

Christ to explain and manifest.


The members of the Church of Christ

Are all primarily of clay;

They need to be transformed and made

Transparent, precious day by day.


By transformation they are built,

A vessel they to Christ afford;

His all-inclusiveness they hold;

Transparent, they express the Lord.


Thru all the transformation work

The triune God performs in them,

The Church a corporate vessel is

And like the new Jerusalem.


How precious she in each respect,

Transparent too in every phase;

Christ with God's fulness she contains,

Christ with God's glory she displays.


With Christ as life, with God as light,

And with the Spirit's living flow,

The triune God she manifests

For all the universe to know.

Hymn #821