Hymns, #822

The Church - The Lampstand of Christ

Eng/Kor:822  Chin:596  Span:-  Rus:429  Tag:822  Fra:-  Por:376

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Arr. from Robert A. Schumann

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The Church the lampstand is to Christ,

Christ is the lamp with God as light;

The light divine from Christ doth shine,

The Church upholds its glory bright.


The light which shines within the lamp

Is God as life, unique, divine;

The stand must therefore be of gold

To match the glory which doth shine.


Amid the darkness of this age

The light of life divine doth beam

In many centers of mankind

Where Jesus' testimony's seen.


To be this testimony pure

"First love" to Christ the Church must keep;

Then from the "tree of life" she may

The overcomer's portion reap.


She must the persecution bear

That she the "crown of life" may gain;

Adult'ry spiritual o'ercome,

The "hidden manna" to obtain.


The deeds of "Jezebel" desert,

That she may rule the earth with might;

Defiling deadness overcome

To be arrayed in "garments white."


Like "Philadelphia" she must be

To keep Christ's word, confess His Name;

All "lukewarm" pride she must o'ercome

To feast with Him who overcame.


Thus will the Church be purified

To be the lampstand of pure gold,

To match the testimony pure,

The life of Jesus fit to hold.


The local churches here on earth

The lampstands in this age should be;

The glorious new Jerusalem

The lampstand in eternity.


The city as pure gold will be,

The final lampstand consummate;

Christ as the lamp she e'er will hold

And God's full light will radiate.

Hymn #822