Hymns, #815

Study of the Word - The Word and the Spirit

Eng/Kor:815  Chin:590  Span:347  Rus:486  Tag:815  Fra:-  Por:371

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:A. J. Foxwell

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Christ is the Word and Spirit too,

And as the Spirit in the Word;

And all the words He speaks to us

Are life and spirit thus conferred.


The Holy Word we have without,

The Holy Spirit is within;

The greatest gifts divine are these,

That we may God enjoy therein.


The Word the Spirit doth express,

The Spirit its reality;

They're but two aspects of one thing

And should not separated be.


Whene'er the Spirit lights the Word

The Word becometh life to us;

When Word from Spirit is divorced,

'Tis empty mental stimulus.


When we the Word in spirit touch,

As life the Spirit it becomes;

The Spirit, when expressed from us,

As words of life to others comes.


Our spirit we must exercise

To take the Word most inwardly,

And then to give the Spirit forth;

The two as one with us should be.


Lord, may Thy Word in me become

The Spirit as my life supply,

And may Thy Spirit in Thy Word

My true expression be thereby.

Hymn #815