Hymns, #740

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Principle of Incarnation

Eng/Kor:740  Chin:536  Span:312  Rus:374  Tag:740  Fra:-  Por:343

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Clement C. Scholefield

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The principle of incarnation

Is but the blend of God and man,

Both acting in cooperation

To thus fulfill th' eternal plan.


To God, the man in His expression,

And man is of God's life possessed;

The man is wholly God's possession,

And God thru man is thus expressed.


Redemption is accomplished fully

In man, God's wisdom thus to show;

Salvation is expounded wholly

By man, that all creation know.


God's service in this dispensation

Requires that man should work with Him;

Thus God and man in close relation

And joint dependence work therein.


It is not God Himself to labor,

Nor man to try to serve alone,

But God and man to work together

Each moment that His plan be shown.


The principle of incarnation

To all our work we must apply,

To all our gift and operation,

That we as one may serve thereby.

Hymn #740