Hymns, #739

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Inner Knowledge

Eng/Kor:739  Chin:535  Span:311  Rus:322  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:342

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Edward J. Hopkins

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In those regenerated by the Lord

There is an inner knowledge bountiful;

Thus we the outward teachings do not need,

But God we inwardly may know in full.


Eternal life, the highest and the best,

Possesses full divine capacity,

That by this life God's knowledge we may have

More than by knowledge given outwardly.


The law of life is put within our mind

And on our heart 'tis written sovereignly,

Inwardly ruling us that God we know

More than by teachings given outwardly.


Holy anointing in our spirit dwells,

Showing the things of God to mind and heart;

By this anointing we God's knowledge have

More than man's teachings can to us impart.


We have the triune God indwelling us,

Living and acting, working all the time,

That by the inner sense we have of Him

God we may know in magnitude sublime.


This inner knowledge obviates the need

Of outward knowledge, human eloquence,

But in the spirit we must ever live

And walk according to the inner sense.


The more we live in Christ, the life divine,

And by the inner consciousness behave,

The more we'll have the inward knowledge true,

And on our heart God will His Son engrave.


'Tis by this living inward knowledge gained

That fellowship with God in life we hold;

'Tis by this hidden knowledge thus obtained

God unto us His fulness doth unfold.

Hymn #739