Hymns, #736

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Law of Life

Eng/Kor:736  Chin:532  Span:308  Rus:426  Tag:736  Fra:-  Por:339

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Ralph Harrison

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In ancient times the law of God

In letter was engraved on stone;

But now it is a law of life,

Which in our heart is written down.


The law in letters good demands

And thus our utter weakness shows;

But now the law of life sustains,

And strength for God to please bestows.


The law in letters brings to us

God's knowledge only outwardly;

But now the law of life supplies

A deeper knowledge inwardly.


The law in letters can but rule

By dead commandments outwardly;

But now the law of life controls

By living knowledge inwardly.


This living law is moving now

In all of our experience,

To regulate us from within

And check us by our inner sense.


How deep its regulation is

Within the inmost part of us,

A living consciousness to give,

And God Himself impart to us.


'Tis by this living law of life

We need no teaching outwardly,

For all God's living knowledge now

This law will teach us inwardly.


Lord, teach us by this law to walk,

Its inner ruling to obey,

That we may of Thyself partake

And know Thee in a living way.

Hymn #736