Hymns, #733

Various Aspects of the Inner Life - The Two Trees

Eng/Kor:733  Chin:529  Span:305  Rus:425  Tag:733  Fra:-  Por:336

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John B. Dykes

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In Eden's garden fair we see

That God before two trees placed man,

The trees of life, and knowledge too,

Which for the Lord and Satan stand.


The tree of life the center is

Of God's eternal, perfect plan,

Denoting God in Christ as life

To be received as all by man.


The tree of knowledge standing there,

Bespeaks a sure and warning voice:

Outside of God there is a source

Of death to all who make this choice.


If man would eat the tree of life,

Then God as life he will receive,

And be transformed to precious stones,

God's will and purpose to achieve.


If man the tree of knowledge takes,

Then Satan enters into man

As sin, which brings him into death,

That he may not fulfill God's plan.


This signifies that only God

Is our full source of life and breath;

To touch ought else is but to touch

The source of knowledge and of death.


For knowledge only bringeth death,

Though evil or though good it seem;

For any thing apart from God,

Is but the fruit of Satan's scheme.


Not only evil, but the good

Is contradictory to Christ;

Not only knowledge of the bad,

But even good is versus Christ.


Lord, teach us only Thee to touch,

That with Thy life we filled may be,

And not to touch the good or bad,

Or anything apart from Thee.

Hymn #733