Hymns, #499

Experience of Christ - As Life

Eng/Kor:499  Chin:378  Span:213  Rus:93  Tag:499  Fra:499  Por:238

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Clement C. Scholefield, Thomas Campbell
Meter: with repeat.

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Repeat the last two lines of each verse


Oh, what a life! Oh, what a peace!

The Christ who's all within me lives.

With Him I have been crucified;

This glorious fact to me He gives.

Now it's no longer I that live,

But Christ the Lord within me lives.


Oh, what a joy! Oh, what a rest!

Christ now is being formed in me.

His very nature and life divine

In my whole being inwrought shall be.

All that I am came to an end,

And all of Christ is all to me.


Oh, what a thought! Oh, what a boast!

Christ shall in me be magnified.

In nothing shall I be ashamed,

For He in all shall be applied.

In woe or blessing, death or life,

Through me shall Christ be testified.


Oh, what a prize! Oh, what a gain!

Christ is the goal toward which I press.

Nothing I treasure, nor aught desire,

But Christ of all-inclusiveness.

My hope, my glory, and my crown

Is Christ, the One of peerlessness.

Hymn #499