Hymns, #495

Experience of Christ - As God's Centrality and Universality

Eng/Kor:495  Chin:372  Span:209  Rus:264  Tag:495  Fra:-  Por:232

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Wolfgang A. Mozart

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Christ is God's centrality

And His universality;

He is God's delight and joy

Throughout all eternity.


He's th' embodiment of God,

In Him all God's fulness dwells;

His unique supremacy

And His Godhead none excels.


All God's purpose is for Him,

That He might be all in all;

All the things in heav'n and earth

With Himself are made withal.


All creation is for Christ,

Everything was made by Him;

'Tis by Him all things subsist,

He's the hub and He's the rim.


In redemption He is all,

All through Him is reconciled;

By His blood all things with God

Now in peace are domiciled.


He the great beginning is,

And the Church's living Head;

He her life and content too,

And the firstborn from the dead.


In God's Kingdom He's the King,

All the pow'r to Him is giv'n;

In His glory He shall rule

Over all in earth and heav'n.


In new heaven and new earth

Center of all things He'll be,

For the Godhead and for man

Throughout all eternity.


God intends in everything

Christ should have preeminence,

And that such a Christ of all

We should now experience.

Hymn #495