Hymns, #497

Experience of Christ - As Grace

Eng/Kor:497  Chin:376  Span:211  Rus:265  Tag:497  Fra:497  Por:234

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:H. J. E. Holmes

Hymn using same tune: #350


Grace in its highest definition is

God in the Son to be enjoyed by us;

It is not only something done or giv'n,

But God Himself, our portion glorious.


God is incarnate in the flesh that we

Him may receive, experience ourself;

This is the grace which we receive of God,

Which comes thru Christ and which is Christ Himself.


Paul the Apostle counted all as dung,

'Twas only God in Christ he counted grace;

'Tis by this grace — the Lord experienced —

That he surpassed the others in the race.


It is this grace — Christ as our inward strength —

Which with His all-sufficiency doth fill;

It is this grace which in our spirit is,

There energizing, working out God's will.


This grace, which is the living Christ Himself,

Is what we need and must experience;

Lord, may we know this grace and by it live,

Thyself increasingly as grace to sense.

Hymn #497