Hymns, #500

Experience of Christ - As Life

Eng/Kor:500  Chin:379  Span:214  Rus:94  Tag:500  Fra:-  Por:239

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Clement C. Scholefield, Thomas Campbell
Meter: with repeat.

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Repeat the last two lines of each verse


Oh, what a might! Oh, what a strength!

God wrought to raise Christ from the dead.

Far above all at His right hand,

O'er all to us He is the Head.

All this great pow'r is to the Church

That she o'er all her foes may tread.


Oh, what a fact! Oh, what a bliss!

That I of Christ a member am.

With all the saints I blend as one

And share the life of the new man.

Joined to our great ascended Head,

We'll be the Church of His own plan.


Oh, what a breadth! Oh, what a length!

The height, the depth unsearchable!

Christ the Lord is unlimited,

So vast, immense, immeas'rable.

All that He is and all He has

Is now our life unspeakable.

Hymn #500