Hymns, #491

Experience of Christ - In the Spirit

Eng/Kor:491  Chin:369  Span:205  Rus:263  Tag:491  Fra:-  Por:228

Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:A. J. Foxwell

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Lord, Thou didst know when in the flesh,

As such I'd know Thee shallowly;

Then as the Spirit Thou didst come

Within my spirit, known to be.


In flesh Redeemer mine Thou art;

As Spirit now my Comforter.

The outward touch has passed away

For inward union worthier.


Because Thou art the Spirit now,

Thyself revealing ceaselessly,

Within my spirit I may know

Thy presence and reality.


I know Thy life surpassing far

The knowledge Thy disciples had,

Although they walked and lived with Thee,

When Thou on earth in flesh wast clad.


Because Thy Spirit dwells within,

How real, O Lord, Thou art to me;

Not touched, yet more reliable,

Not seen, yet loved more fervently.


Thy Holy Spirit deep within

Supplies Thyself as righteousness,

As holiness, redemption full,

As wisdom and as fruitfulness.


Thy Spirit in my spirit now

Supplies Thyself, unites with me,

Thus I am all the time myself

And constantly am also Thee.

Hymn #491