Hymns, #490

Experience of Christ - In the Spirit

Eng/Kor:490  Chin:368  Span:204  Rus:315  Tag:490  Fra:-  Por:226

Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:John B. Dykes

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Lord, when the Father ne'er was known,

The Father came through Thee below,

That we who lived in ignorance

Might through Thyself the Father know.


But, Lord, when Thou wast here on earth,

How scarce were those Thyself who knew;

A veil there was 'twixt Thee and them;

They crowded 'round but saw not through.


Now as the Spirit Thou hast come

E'en as the Father came in Thee;

As we through Thee the Father know,

Now through the Spirit we know Thee.


Not with the flesh Thou now art clothed —

Then must Thou walk with toil around;

But as the Spirit in our heart

Thou dost supply Thyself unbound.


Thou, Lord, the Father once wast called,

But now the Holy Spirit art;

The Spirit is Thine other form,

Thyself to dwell within our heart.


By knowing Thee as Spirit, Lord,

We realize Thy life's outflow,

Thy glory and Thy character,

And all Thy being's wonders know.


Praise to Thy Name now floods our heart;

There is no one as dear as Thee;

For since we know how real Thou art,

No other one could lovelier be.

Hymn #490