Hymns, #489

Experience of Christ - In the Spirit

Eng/Kor:489  Chin:370  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:489  Fra:-  Por:225

Lyrics:Watchman Nee
Music:Grenoble church melody

This hymn has a unique tune.


Oh, Jesus, Lord, when Thou on earth

Accompanied Thy faithful band,

It seemed they knew, but knew Thee not,

Thyself they did not understand.


They heard Thy voice, beheld Thy form,

Thy beauteous stature unforgot;

They crowded 'round Thee, met Thy gaze,

But who Thou art, they knew it not.


As they of old we too are veiled;

We've known Thee long apparently;

Yet if we say we know, at best

We know Thee not transparently.


But as the Spirit now Thou art,

Another Comforter become;

Reveal Thyself within my heart,

Since to Thy temple Thou hast come.


With Thy blest Spirit, Lord, fill me,

Fill every corner of my soul;

May Thou inspire my every part,

Oh may Thou touch, renew the whole.


The Spirit then revealing make

Thyself more real within my heart,

That ear not hear, nor eye may see

How very real to me Thou art.


When Thou in mercy dost reveal

And give Thyself as Spirit thus,

What in the world can be more real,

More true than what Thou art to us?


Thy Spirit, Lord, in mine, I pray,

O'erflow my being as a flood,

That every part with glory shine

And everywhere be Thee and God.


How close we are in such a life,

In one is blended earth with heav'n;

Thy presence sweetly fills our souls;

Our hearts are to Thy praises giv'n.

Hymn #489