Hymns, #981

Ultimate Manifestation - Christ Heading Up All Things

Eng/Kor:981  Chin:779  Span:458  Rus:438  Tag:981  Fra:-  Por:499

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:T. A. Willis

Hymn using same tune: #647


In His Christ to head up all things

Is our God's economy;

Taking Christ as Head and Center,

All is one in harmony.


Christ as Head will be the Center;

God within will be the Light;

Christ enthroned, with God, His substance,

Will fulfill His heart's delight.


Christ as life will be the content,

Heading up all things in light;

All the saints will be the vessel,

To express His glory bright.


Satan hath himself injected

Into man all things to spoil,

Bringing darkness and corruption

God's eternal plan to foil.


Christ has come, Himself imparting

Into man as life to save,

That the pow'r of death and darkness

May no more all things enslave.


Thru the Church which is His Body

Christ as Head will sum up all;

All will fitly join together,

All things either great or small.


Under Christ, by His full headship,

All in union will subsist;

In the light the Church expresses

All in oneness will exist.


Owning Christ as Head and Center,

All will be in harmony;

Thru the shining of His Body

All will share His liberty.


No more darkness and corruption,

No more death and vanity;

All will be released from bondage

Throughout all eternity.

Hymn #981