Hymns, #979

Ultimate Manifestation - The New Jerusalem

Eng/Kor:979  Chin:776  Span:-  Rus:387  Tag:979  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:From Katholisches Gesangbuch, 1774

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How glorious, how bright it shines,

The holy, new Jerusalem;

It is God's dwelling place with man,

The spotless bride of Christ, the Lamb.


Saints of the Old and of the New,

Heirs of the promise God bestowed,

Components of the city are,

Together built for God's abode.


Perfectly square the city lies,

All sides are equal — length, width, height;

No measurement more long or short,

No part oblique, it stands upright.


The city with its street pure gold

As clear as glass transparent is,

Showing that God's transcendent life

Its quality and nature is.


Twelve city gates are each one pearl;

Thus man is through redemption shown

Reborn and as a pearl transformed,

Entering to a realm God's own.


The twelve foundations of its wall

Are with twelve precious stones adorned;

Through fire and pressure recomposed

And with eternal value formed.


The wall of jasper, crystal clear,

God's glory by it fully shown;

His glorious light through it does shine,

And He appears as jasper stone.


The wall a separation makes,

Excluding all that is unclean;

Gold, pearls, and precious stones alone

The holy city has within.


God and the Lamb the Temple are!

We shall behold His glorious face;

His presence never will depart,

We'll worship Him thru endless days.


The city needs no sun nor moon

For God's own glory is its light;

The Lamb's the lamp the city bears,

In all directions blazing bright.


Out from the throne of God and the Lamb

Flows midst the street a living stream,

And on its banks, on either side,

The tree of life is thriving seen.


This signifies the life of God

Not just for food or water flows,

But carries God's authority

As it throughout the city goes.


The street of purest gold therein

God's nature as the way doth show;

A river in it flows for drink

And fruits of life abundant grow.


The number twelve means government,

Perfection which eternal is;

God blent with man it also tells —

Three multiplied by four shows this.


Darkness and death shall be no more,

Sorrow and pain shall pass away,

Old will be gone and all be new,

God will abide with man for aye.


The city has God's image full,

It rules for Him, the sovereign King,

Fulfilling His eternal plan,

Complete content to Him to bring.

Hymn #979