Hymns, #980

Ultimate Manifestation - The Bride and the Tabernacle

Eng/Kor:980  Chin:778  Span:457  Rus:499  Tag:980  Fra:-  Por:498

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Francis Duckworth

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Throughout the whole of Holy Writ

The saints in type are manifest

As like a bride, God's heart to please,

And as a building for His rest.


The types and figures of the Church

In the Old Testament are these:

A building meet for life and rule,

A bride the man to match and please.


God's people in the ancient times

Were called by God His very spouse;

Among them and with them were built

God's ruling city and God's house.


Incarnate God, the God-man, Christ,

As Bridegroom for the Bride has come;

With His own life He quickened her,

That she His counterpart become.


In resurrection Christ doth now,

As David's Son, God's temple build,

That God may have a resting place

And there accomplish all He willed.


The Church is thus the Bride of Christ,

In whom His full delight doth rest;

It is a dwelling place to God

Where He may live and be expressed.


The new Jerusalem will be

The full perfection ultimate

Of all the types of house and bride,

Th' eternal plan to consummate.


It is the Bride which matches Christ,

Thru whom He may Himself express;

It is God's tabernacle too

In which our God can rule and rest.


The ultimate completion 'tis

Of God's work in humanity,

His full expression glorious

Thru His redeemed eternally.

Hymn #980