Hymns, #908

Service - Of the Spirit

Eng/Kor:908  Chin:654  Span:406  Rus:494  Tag:908  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Henry T. Smart

This hymn has a unique tune.


Not of letters, but of spirit,

The New Testament way;

For 'tis life the spirit giveth,

But the letters always slay.

Outward work God never reckons,

But what's from the inmost part;

It is not to serve in letter,

But life's newness to impart.


Not just by the outward teachings,

But by His anointing moved;

Not just by the outward pattern,

But by inward vision proved.

Not by human rules or rituals,

But by heaven's rule within;

Not by human-made decisions,

But by guidance giv'n of Him.


Not a dead religion serving,

But in Christ as life to live;

Not theology dispensing,

But a living Christ to give.

Not the knowledge of mere doctrine,

But the message Christ should be;

Not the gifts, the forms, the teachings,

But God's Christ — reality.


Not objectively to worship,

But to serve Him inwardly;

Not to preach a Christ objective,

But Himself subjectively.

Not just by the Scripture serving,

But in spirit and in life;

Not by flesh, but by the Spirit

Filling, freeing from all strife.

Hymn #908