Hymns, #910

Service - The Overflow of Life

Eng/Kor:910  Chin:655  Span:408  Rus:336  Tag:910  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:George C. Stebbins

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The overflow of life is work,

The work should be our living!

What we experience e'er should be

The message we are giving.

When living and the work are one,

The work will be effectual;

When message and the life are one,

The word will be successful.


The work must be the fruit of life,

Born thru the Spirit's flowing;

As branches of the Lord, the vine,

Fruit bearing, life bestowing.

'Tis Christ Himself thru us to work,

Himself as life expressing,

And all the riches of His life

To others manifesting.


'Tis not a movement borne of man,

But by His power moving;

'Tis not the deeds done outwardly,

But inward action proving.

'Tis not the work of enterprise,

But 'tis His life confessing;

'Tis not to toil for our success,

But 'tis Himself expressing.


Our plans, our aims, our energy

We must abandon wholly,

That He may work His plan thru us,

His aim and object solely.

Ourselves, with all we are and have,

To death we must surrender,

That Christ may live Himself thru us

With riches and with splendor.

Hymn #910