Hymns, #904

Service - By Dwelling with the Lord

Eng/Kor:904  Chin:s802  Span:405  Rus:542  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:422

Lyrics:A. B. Simpson
Music:Lewis Edson, Early American melody

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We have a most glorious King;

The heavens, He says, are His throne;

All worlds are His mighty domain,

All kingdoms His scepter shall own.

He dwells with His people below,

He loves in their trials to share;

We dwell with the King for His work,

His burden we willingly bear.


I'm dwelling with Jesus my King;

I've found where He dwells with His own;

I've opened the door of my heart;

He's made it His temple and throne.

Like Mary I sit at His feet,

Like John I recline on His breast;

His presence is fulness of joy,

His bosom is infinite rest.


I dwell with the King for His work,

I've part in His glorious plan

To bring in His kingdom to earth

And tell His salvation to man.

The world has its work and rewards,

I count them but folly and loss;

My business is only His work,

My message is only His cross.


I dwell with the King for His work,

The work, it is His and not mine;

He plans and prepares it for me

And fills me with power divine.

So duty is changed to delight,

And prayer into praise as I sing;

I dwell with my King for His work

And work in the strength of my King.


We'll dwell with the King for His work

And work thru each day of the year.

Perhaps ere it passes, the King

In glory Himself shall appear.

Oh, then in some closer embrace,

Oh, then in some nobler employ

We'll dwell with the King for His work

In endless, ineffable joy!

Hymn #904