Hymns, #637

The Way of the Cross - The Way of Rest

Eng/Kor:637  Chin:471  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:637  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:M. E. Barber
Music:Dimitri S. Bortnianski

Hymn using same tune: #545 (Tune 2)


"Wrecked outright on Jesus' breast":

Only "wrecked" souls thus can sing;

Little boats that hug the shore,

Fearing what the storm may bring,

Never find on Jesus' breast,

All that "wrecked" souls mean by rest.


"Wrecked outright!" So we lament;

But when storms have done their worst,

Then the soul, surviving all,

In Eternal arms is nursed;

There to find that nought can move

One, embosomed in such love.


"Wrecked outright!" No more to own

E'en a craft to sail the sea;

Still a voyager, yet now

Anchored to Infinity;

Nothing left to do but fling

Care aside, and simply cling.


"Wrecked outright!" 'Twas purest gain,

Henceforth other craft can see

That the storm may be a boon,

That, however rough the sea,

God Himself doth watchful stand,

For the "wreck' is in His hand.

Hymn #637