Hymns, #640

The Resurrection Life - Life out of Death

Eng/Kor:640  Chin:473  Span:299  Rus:423  Tag:640  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Joseph Barnby

Hymn using same tune: #433


Life out of death — dear Master, is it spoken

Of the life here, or in the better land?

Nay, wherefore wait? The vessel marred and broken,

Shall now be molded by the Potter's hand.


Life out of death — oh, wondrous resurrection!

Seed sown in conscious weakness, raised in power;

Thy life lived out in days of toil and friction,

"Not I, but Christ" in me from hour to hour.


Life out of death — a pilgrim path and lonely,

Trodden by those who glory in the Cross.

They live in fellowship with "Jesus only,"

And for His sake count earthly gain but loss.


Life out of death — blest mission to be ever

Bearing the living water brimming o'er.

With life abundant from the clear, pure river,

Telling that thirsty souls need thirst no more.

Hymn #640