Hymns, #633

The Way of the Cross - The Way of Victory

Eng/Kor:633  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Music:Ira D. Sankey

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And wouldst thou live on earth as "more than conqu'ror"?

Victorious o'er the worldly life around?

Mark well the pathway that thy Lord hath trodden,

Since here alone the secret can be found.


He died, and by His death He dealt the death-blow

To sin and Satan's power for evermore,

And they, who die with Him, shall rise victorious,

And "in this sign" shall triumph more and more.


The Cross henceforth their mark of perfect freedom,

What can they lose, who have surrendered all?

What can they fear, who have no reputation?

What shall they shrink from, when His voice doth call?


"In this sign," therefore, go henceforth and conquer,

Finding the place of death the gate of life,

"Life more abundant," life in all its fulness,

In the deep calm of God, set free from strife.

Hymn #633