Hymns, #596

Experience of Christ - General

Eng/Kor:596  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:From Sister Eva of Friedenshort, adapted
Music:George C. Stebbins

Hymn using same tune: #420


Mine is the earth, the worlds in all their fulness;

Mine, every ocean, river, plain, and hill;

Mine are the stars within the heaven's stillness,

Mine are the clouds that wander at their will.


Mine is the spring, when blossoms sweet are blowing,

Wakened from slumb'ring neath the winter snow;

Mine, summer's wealth, with her bright colors glowing;

Mine is the fruit rich autumn doth bestow.


Mine, all the things created: praise the Giver!

Fish, and all beasts, the birds upon the wing,

Sun-loving butterflies — now and forever;

Beauty and grace of every living thing.


Mine, all things lovely, blessing every hour,

Wealth of creation, over and around;

Mine is the sun, with its life-giving power,

Mine is the music wonderful of sound.


Mine are the pillars which cannot be shaken —

Truth in the Word, the Word that cannot fall.

Mine is the wisdom which great thoughts awaken

In a man's soul, that this life is not all.


Knowledge as needed, skill in all the doing,

Mine, when kept closely for my Lord above;

Beauty and wisdom, living streams e'er flowing

Fresh from the springs of God, the God of love.


Mine are the battles, triumph-shouts e'er ringing —

Joy of the warriors for the truth and right;

Mine are the trophies God's brave ones are bringing,

Heroes of faith and overcoming might.


Mine, mercies granted, and each new awaking,

Every experience, and each soul that's won;

Mine, the confessions sinners poor are making,

Yea, I am joined with them, one in God's Son.


One Lord in all, and all one in His Spirit,

Heavenly fellowship earth has not known;

Faith sees the riches we shall yet inherit,

Glorious treasure laid up for His own.


All in the bounds of earth and sea and heaven,

Creation's wonders and Thy grace are stored:

Praise to Thee, Christ, for all the wealth

Thou'st given!

Poor in myself, but wealthy in the Lord!

Hymn #596