Hymns, #593

Experience of Christ - By Minding the Spirit

Eng/Kor:593  Chin:435  Span:271  Rus:106  Tag:593  Fra:593  Por:297

Lyrics:Witness Lee

This hymn has a unique tune.


All I have in Adam is but sin and death,

I in Christ inherit life and righteousness;

When in flesh abiding, Adam I express,

But when in the spirit Christ is manifest.


When I am in Adam, though I may not sin,

Unto death, a sinner, sentenced I have been;

When in Christ I need not righteously to act,

I'm already righteous, justified in fact.


In the flesh I need no effort to express

Marks of Adam's nature and its sinfulness;

In the spirit I need not to strive or strain,

I can live as He is and in spirit reign.


Thru my death with Christ, from Adam I am free,

Thru my life with Christ, new life is given me!

Minding not the flesh, old Adam cannot move,

Minding just the spirit, life divine I prove.


Minding just the spirit is God's saving way,

Minding just the spirit, Christ we will display;

Minding just the spirit, we can overcome,

Minding just the spirit, we the race may run.


Minding just the spirit, we the cross will know,

And His resurrection pow'r thru us will flow;

Minding just the spirit, Christ will live thru me,

And His life within will reach maturity.


In the spirit Christ is life and all to me,

Strengthening and blessing all-inclusively;

Living in the spirit, holiness I prove,

And the triune God within my heart doth move.

Hymn #593