Hymns, #595

Experience of Christ - His Overflowing Satisfaction

Eng/Kor:595  Chin:s434  Span:273  Rus:108  Tag:595  Fra:-  Por:298

Lyrics:M. E. Barber, adapted
Music:Robert Lowry
Meter: with repeat.

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Repeat the last two lines of each verse


There is always something over,

When we taste our gracious Lord;

Every cup He fills o'erfloweth,

Rich supply He doth afford.

Nothing narrow, nothing stinted,

Ever issued from His store;

To His own He gives full measure,

Running over, evermore.


There is always something over,

When we, from the Father's hand,

Take our portion with thanksgiving,

Praising for the things He planned.

Satisfaction, full and deepening,

All our need He doth supply.

When the heart has tasted Jesus

Its desires to satisfy.


There is always something over,

When we share in all His love;

Unplumbed depths still lie beneath us,

Unscaled heights rise far above.

Human lips can never utter

All His wondrous tenderness.

We can only praise and wonder

And His Name forever bless.

Hymn #595