Hymns, #24

Worship of the Father - His Wisdom

Eng/Kor:24  Chin:21  Span:17  Rus:392  Tag:24  Fra:-  Por:21

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Oliver Holden
Meter: with repeat.

Hymn using same tune: #137


Repeat the last two lines of each verse


O God, in Christ all focused is

Thy wisdom with Thy grace;

As wisdom Thou mad'st Him to us,

In Him Thy way we trace.


What Thou has planned is all in Him,

Thy way of grace is He;

In Him, Thy Wisdom, we have all,

That glory be to Thee.


In Him, who is our righteousness,

Have we been justified;

In Him, who is our holiness,

We're being sanctified.


Redemption too He is to us,

According to Thy plan,

That we may fully be redeemed

To be a perfect man.


He is Thy wisdom, Father God,

In Thine economy;

For Him we offer praise to Thee

With all humility.


Thy wisdom we have seen in Him,

So rich and so profound;

Yet richer, deeper, in Thy way,

By us will it be found.

Hymn #24