Hymns, #20

Worship of the Father - His Righteousness

Eng/Kor:20  Chin:18  Span:13  Rus:391  Tag:20  Fra:-  Por:19

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Franz Joseph Haydn

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God our Father, we adore Thee,

For the sake of righteousness;

Thou in Christ hast justified us,

Who our conscience can depress?

Thou art righteous, and art faithful,

On Thy righteousness we stand;

No unrighteousness is in Thee,

None can turn Thy righteous hand.


Thou hast laid our sins on Jesus,

By Thy justice He was killed;

All Thy holy law's requirements

For Thy justice He fulfilled.

Recompense from Him receiving,

Thou art fully satisfied;

How couldst Thou, O God most righteous,

Claim it once more from our side?


Father God, Thou hast accepted

Jesus as our Substitute;

Judged the Just One for the unjust,

Couldst Thou change Thy attitude?

As a proof of perfect justice,

At Thine own right hand He sits;

He, as Thy full satisfaction,

Righteously Thy need befits.


Father, through the blood of Jesus

We possess Thy righteousness;

By Thy righteousness protected,

None can shake our steadfastness.

Righteousness of Thine Thou mad'st us,

None can ever us condemn;

We'll forever testify this

In the new Jerusalem.

Hymn #20