Hymns, #25

Worship of the Father - His Mercy

Eng/Kor:25  Chin:23  Span:-  Rus:441  Tag:25  Fra:-  Por:22

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:John B. Dykes

Hymn using same tune: #52


Father, to us Thy mercy Thou hast shown,

In Thine own way;

Sinners like us as dear sons Thou wouldst own,

In love for aye.

Vessels of mercy, Thou didst us prepare;

Vessels of honor, we Thyself declare.


"In mercy I delight, not sacrifice,"

Thou hast declared;

Thru this Thy mercy, favor in Thine eyes

We all have shared.

'Tis not of them that will nor them that run,

But of Thee showing mercy as was done.


Father, Thy mercy with Thy love and grace

Did we obtain;

And in Thy mercy, with Thee face to face,

We'll e'er remain;

And for Thy mercy we would worship Thee

Through all our days and through eternity.

Hymn #25