Hymns, #15

Worship of the Father - His Transcendence

Eng/Kor:15  Chin:10  Span:9  Rus:301  Tag:15  Fra:15  Por:14

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Lowell Mason

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O God, Thou art transcendent,

The Holy One Thou art!

None other is Thine equal,

Incomp'rable Thou art!

The holiest of the holy

The universe may call!

Thy power and Thy nature

Do far exceed it all!


Distinct, unique, and holy,

Not only right and pure;

Not only without defect,

But with perfection more;

For nothing can approach Thee,

Nor e'er Thine equal be;

If aught Thy place hath taken,

'Tis insult unto Thee.


The excellent excelling,

The fairest of the fair,

Yet differing from the finest,

For none with Thee compare.

From all the righteous different,

For Thine is absolute;

None beauteous with Thee vying,

For Thine excels repute.


Thy holiness transcendent

Thou hast for us prepared,

And this distinctive nature

We have already shared.

We share in Thy transcendence,

Since we Thy nature own;

Thy holy life we follow

Till unto fulness grown.


We give Thee praise and worship

For all Thy holiness,

For Thy transcendent nature,

Thine utter peerlessness.

We praise Thee that Thy nature —

Unique, distinct — we share;

This separating nature

Is ours now and fore'er.

Hymn #15