Hymns, #12

Worship of the Father - As the Source of Life

Eng/Kor:12  Chin:9  Span:7  Rus:5  Tag:12  Fra:12  Por:7

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:(1) C. Hutcheson
(2) John B. Dykes

Hymns using same tune:

Tune 2: #209, #744


O God, Thou art the source of life,

Divine, and rich and free!

As living water flowing out

Unto eternity!


In love Thou in the Son didst flow

Among the human race;

Thou dost as Spirit also flow

Within us thru Thy grace.


Though we in sin and wickedness

Went far from Thee apace,

Yet in the Son Thou didst redeem,

Bestowing life and grace.


Though we have often slighted Thee,

Thy Spirit often grieved,

Yet Thou dost still as Spirit come

As life to be received.


Thou as the Spirit in the Son

Hast mingled heretofore;

Thou wilt thru fellowship anoint

And increase more and more.


The love of God, the grace of Christ,

The Spirit's flowing free,

Enable us God's wealth to share

Thru all eternity.


The Father, Son, and Spirit — one,

So richly care for us;

Thy love with one accord we sing

And e'er would praise Thee thus.

Hymn #12