Hymns, #11

Worship of the Father - As the Spirit

Eng/Kor:11  Chin:8  Span:6  Rus:192  Tag:11  Fra:-  Por:6

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Henry S. Cutler

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Thou, Father, who art Spirit true,

The holiest of all;

We worship in the spirit now,

In truth upon Thee call.


A spirit Thou hast made for us

That we may worship Thee,

That echoing in spirit thus

One spirit we will be.


The Father in the Son has come,

The Son the Spirit is,

That to our spirit God may come.

O what a grace is this!


The Son is Thine eternal Word,

The Word is Spirit too;

The Spirit as our life has come

Our spirit to renew.


Thy Spirit in our spirit is,

And thus in unity

Thy Spirit witnesseth with ours

That we are born of Thee.


In everything Thy Spirit leads

That we may follow Him;

We thus may spiritual become,

With life and peace within.


In spirit we would worship Thee,

In spirit Thee address,

Until our spirit is released

Thine image to express.


Our Father, we would praise Thee now

That Thou the Spirit art;

In spirit and in truth to Thee

True worship we impart.

Hymn #11