Hymns, #866

Meetings - Exercising the Spirit

Eng/Kor:866  Chin:628  Span:392  Rus:384  Tag:866  Fra:866  Por:406

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Harold Green

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Exercise the spirit!

Human thought reject;

Meet with one another,

Body life respect.


Exercise the spirit!

All the forms forsake;

Share with one another,

Each of Christ partake.


Exercise the spirit!

Natural sense renounce;

Serve with one another,

Christ the Lord announce.


Exercise the spirit!

Soulish life deny;

Helping one another,

On the Lord rely.


Freed within the spirit

From self-righteousness,

From self-condemnation,

And self-consciousness.


Freed within the spirit

From self-will and pride,

From self-love and glory,

All to override.


Exercise the spirit,

Victory to claim

By the blood which cleanses

And the mighty Name.


Exercise the spirit

Thus to touch the Lord;

Ever by the spirit

Take Him thru His Word.


It is by the spirit

Christ is testified;

It is by the spirit

Man is satisfied.


Exercise the spirit!

This is what we need!

Exercise the spirit!

May the Lord so lead!

Hymn #866