Hymns, #863

Meetings - Christ as the Center

Eng/Kor:863  Chin:627  Span:390  Rus:142  Tag:863  Fra:863  Por:403

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:H. J. E. Holmes

Hymn using same tune: #556


In daily walk and in our meetings too,

Christ is the center, Christ is everything;

'Tis not for form nor doctrine good and true,

But 'tis for Christ alone we're gathering.


Christ is the way and Christ the light of life,

In Him we walk and by Him we are led;

Christ is the living water and the food;

Of Him we drink and we with Him are fed.


Christ is the truth, 'tis Him we testify,

Christ is the life, 'tis Him we minister;

Christ is the Lord, 'tis Him we magnify,

Christ is the Head, and we exalt Him here.


Christ is the All in all to God and man —

With Him both we and God are satisfied;

Christ, the reality within the Church —

By Him are life and numbers multiplied.


By all the hymns and prayers we offer here,

Christ the reality we would express;

All the activities in fellowship —

Christ thus in operation manifest.


'Tis in His Name we meet, in Spirit act,

With nothing in our mind to formalize;

'Tis by His pow'r we pray, in unction praise,

And with Himself in spirit exercise.


All things forgetting, cleaving unto Christ,

Applying Him until maturity;

Let us count everything but loss for Him,

For Him, our All in all, eternally.

Hymn #863