Hymns, #800

Study of the Word - The Function of the Word

Eng/Kor:800  Chin:580  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:365

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:E. H. G. Sargent, adapted

Hymn using same tune: #827


God the Lord has spoken, God has been unveiled;

All His character and persons are expressed;

Unto Adam's sons His mystery is revealed,

Fully illustrated and made manifest.


God the Lord has spoken, and His heart disclosed,

That His Son should have pre-eminence in all,

That in His dear Son He might be glorified

Midst all His creation, either great or small.


God the Lord has spoken, Christ has been revealed:

He is very God and yet is truly man;

He is all in all, in Him all things subsist,

Center and circumference of th' eternal plan.


God the Lord has spoken, and His mystery shown,

Christ and His expression has His counsel willed:

Christ with all God's fulness as the glorious Head,

And the Church His Body, with His riches filled.


God the Lord has spoken, and from heaven shown

That the triune God would blend with creature-man:

Father in the Son, the Son the Spirit is,

Dwelling in the Body to fulfill His plan.


God the Lord has spoken, revelation giv'n

Of His vast creation and His lowly birth,

Of His great redemption and salvation full;

May His adoration ever fill the earth.

Hymn #800