Hymns, #799

Study of the Word - The Function of the Word

Eng/Kor:799  Chin:579  Span:339  Rus:484  Tag:799  Fra:-  Por:364

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:Lowell Mason

Hymn using same tune: #693


All Scripture is the very breath of God,

And by His Spirit into words was breathed;

By godly men the words were written down,

With all God's fulness unto man bequeathed.


It is the breath of God as light to man,

With rays divine man to illuminate;

It shines in darkness and to man reveals

What is his truest need and actual state.


It is the breath of God as life to man,

Nature divine to man it doth impart;

The dead it quickens and regenerates,

Transforms the soul-life and renews the heart.


It is the breath of God as wisdom too,

Knowledge divine to man it has to teach;

Th' eternal purpose of the Lord it shows,

And leadeth man God's final goal to reach.


It is the breath of God as strength to man,

Power divine to man it doth transmit,

Strength'ning the weak, empowering the faint,

Enabling man God's purpose full to fit.


It is the breath of God for us to breathe,

That as our portion God we may enjoy;

Receiving it by spirits exercised,

Our need is met, His wealth we may employ.

Hymn #799