Hymns, #57

Praise of the Lord - His Divinity

Eng/Kor:57  Chin:-  Span:34  Rus:199  Tag:57  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:(1) George N. Allen
(2) Thomas A. Arne

Hymn using same tune: #141


The image of the Father God,

Lord, we behold in Thee;

The fulness of the Godhead true

In Thee dwells bodily.


Lord, Thou art God's eternal Word

With life divine in Thee;

In Thee His grace we all receive

With His reality.


Effulgence of God's glory true,

The Son of God art Thou;

The very substance of Himself

In Thee we all avow.


Embodiment of God Thou art,

And with Him ever one;

In Thee is God expressed to us

Beyond comparison.


God we enjoy in Thee, dear Lord,

As life and everything;

To Thee and God our heartfelt thanks

And praise we'll ever bring.

Hymn #57