Hymns, #56

Praise of the Lord - His Divinity

Eng/Kor:56  Chin:55  Span:33  Rus:394  Tag:56  Fra:-  Por:38

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:From Little Flock Tune Book

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Dear Lord, Thou art the Word of God,

Thou art God's very Son;

Thou art His holy image true,

And with Him ever one.


Thou art Thyself the very God,

Thou dost embody Him;

In Thee is manifested God,

And we see God therein.


Effulgence of God's glory, Thou,

By Thee God shines on us;

Expression of His substance, Thou,

In Thee He's real to us.


In Thee God is the life to us,

In Thee He is the light;

In Thee His nature we partake

And with Him we unite.


In Thee the grace of God subsists,

God we enjoy in Thee;

His truth in Thee is also found,

His full reality.


In Thee God's fulness we receive,

Which fills from grace to grace;

In Thee with God we're mingled here,

Till one in every phase.


O Lord our God, we worship Thee,

In Thee we have our all;

Thyself we treasure in our heart,

Thy Name we love to call.

Hymn #56