Hymns, #550

Experience of Christ - Fellowship with Him

Eng/Kor:550  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Elizabeth Dark
Music:Traditional German air

This hymn has a unique tune.


Through Thy precious body broken —

Inside the veil;

Oh! what words to sinners spoken —

Inside the veil.

Precious as the blood that brought us;

Perfect, as the love that sought us;

Holy, as the Lamb that brought us —

Inside the veil.


When we see Thy love unshaken —

Outside the camp.

Scorned by man, by God forsaken —

Outside the camp.

Thy loved cross alone can charm us;

Shame need now no more alarm us;

Glad we follow, nought can harm us —

Outside the camp.


Lamb of God, through Thee we enter —

Inside the veil.

Cleansed by Thee, we boldly venture —

Inside the veil.

Not a stain; a new creation:

Ours is such a full salvation;

Low we bow in adoration —

Inside the veil.


Unto Thee, the homeless stranger —

Outside the camp,

Forth we hasten, fear no danger —

Outside the camp.

Thy reproach, far richer treasure

Than all Egypt's boasted pleasure;

Drawn by love that knows no measure —

Outside the camp.


Soon Thy saints shall all be gathered —

Inside the veil.

All with Thee — no more be scattered —

Inside the veil.

Nought from Thee, our hearts shall sever;

We shall see Thee; grieve Thee never;

"Praise the Lamb!" shall sound forever —

Inside the veil.

Hymn #550