Hymns, #549

Experience of Christ - Fellowship with Him

Eng/Kor:549  Chin:414  Span:257  Rus:219  Tag:549  Fra:-  Por:282

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:C. Goudimel

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Enter the veil and go without the camp,

Taste heaven's sweetness, thus the earth forsake;

If by the Holiest I am satisfied,

How can I of earth's vanities partake?


Enter the veil and go without the camp,

By heaven's presence will the earth depart;

If heaven's glory doth my spirit charm,

How can earth's happiness possess my heart?


Enter the veil, behold the glorious Christ,

Go out the camp to Jesus, let Him lead;

If throne and crown my spirit here enthrall,

Manger and cross cannot my steps impede.


Enter the veil for resurrection pow'r,

Go out the camp to bear the cross and woe,

If I His radiant face in heaven see,

His footsteps I will follow here below.


Enter the veil, on heaven's fatness feast,

Without the camp, in hardship persevere;

Though earthly trials sorely pain my heart,

Heaven's communion doth my spirit cheer.


Enter the veil, Christ's riches there enjoy,

Without the camp, the needs of men supply;

The life of heaven living out thru me

The souls of earth will bless and satisfy.


Enter the veil till it exists no more,

Go out the camp till all the camps are gone;

Until the heavens and the earth unite,

Till God and man together dwell in one.

Hymn #549