Hymns, #512

Experience of Christ - As Everything

Eng/Kor:512  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:255

Lyrics:Horatius Bonar
Music:E. Moss

This hymn has a unique tune.


Jesus, Sun and Shield art Thou,

Sun and Shield forever.

Never canst Thou cease to shine,

Cease to guard us, never.

Cheer our steps as on we go,

Come between us and the foe.


Jesus, Bread and Wine art Thou,

Wine and Bread forever.

Never canst Thou cease to feed

Or refresh us, never.

Feed us still on bread divine,

Drink we still of heavenly wine.


Jesus, Love and Life art Thou,

Life and Love forever.

Ne'er to quicken shalt Thou cease,

Or to love us, never.

All of life and love we need

Is in Thee, in Thee indeed.


Jesus, Peace and Joy art Thou,

Joy and Peace forever.

Joy that fades not, changes not.

Peace that leaves us never.

Joy and Peace we have in Thee

Now and through eternity.


Jesus, Song and Strength art Thou,

Strength and Song forever.

Strength that never can decay,

Song that ceaseth never.

Still to us this strength and song,

Through eternal days prolong.

Hymn #512