Hymns, #510

Experience of Christ - As Everything

Eng/Kor:510  Chin:388  Span:232  Rus:98  Tag:510  Fra:510  Por:250

Lyrics:Witness Lee
Music:May Chenevix-Trench

Hymn using same tune: #200 (Tune 2)


I've found the One of peerless worth,

My heart doth sing for joy;

And sing I must, for Christ I have:

Oh, what a Christ have I!


My Christ, He is the Lamb of God,

Who full salvation brings;

He is the Sun of Righteousness,

With healing in His wings.


My Christ, He is the Tree of Life

With fruit abundant, sweet;

My hunger He doth satisfy;

Of Him I daily eat.


My Christ, He is the smitten Rock

Whence living waters burst;

He is the fountain in my heart

Which quenches all my thirst.


Christ is my life, my light my way,

My comfort and my health,

My peace, my rest, my joy, my hope,

My glory and my wealth.


Christ is my wisdom and my pow'r,

My boast and righteousness,

My vict'ry and redemption sure,

My truth and holiness.


Christ is my Savior, Shepherd, Lord,

My Advocate above,

My Counsellor, my Father, God,

My Brother, Friend, and Love.


Christ is my Captain and my Guard,

My Teacher and my Guide,

My Bridegroom, Master and my Head;

In me doth He reside.


Christ is my Prophet, Priest, and King;

My Prophet full of sight;

My Priest that stands 'twixt me and God,

My King that rules with might.


Christ is the Author of my faith,

And its Perfecter too,

My Mediator, Guarantee,

And faithful Witness true.


Christ is my everlasting home,

My all-sufficient land;

My fortress, tower, hiding-place,

And my eternal stand.


Christ is my sabbath and new moon,

My morning and my day,

My age and my eternity

That ne'er will pass away.


Christ is my trust and my desire,

In comeliness replete,

My satisfaction and delight,

Who all my need doth meet.


My Christ, the all-inclusive One,

My Christ what shall I call?

He is the first, He is the last,

My Christ is All in all.


Since such a treasure I possess,

My heart doth sing for joy;

And I must sing, and sing again;

Oh, what a Christ have I!

Hymn #510