Hymns, #470

Consecration - Answering the Lord's Call

Eng/Kor:470  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:212

Lyrics:Charles Wesley
Music:Arr. from Conrad Kocher

Hymn using same tune: #366


Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

One in Three, and Three in One,

As by the celestial host,

Let Thy will on earth be done;

Praise by all to Thee be giv'n,

Glorious Lord of earth and heav'n!


Vilest of the sinful race,

Lo, I answer to Thy call:

Meanest vessel of Thy grace,

Grace divinely free for all;

Lo, I come to do Thy will,

All Thy counsel to fulfill.


If so poor a worm as I,

May to Thy great glory live,

All my actions sanctify,

All my words and thoughts receive;

Claim me for Thy service, claim

All I have, and all I am.


Take my soul and body's powers,

Take my mem'ry, mind, and will;

All my goods and all my hours,

All I know, and all I feel;

All I think, or speak, or do;

Take my heart, but make it new.


Now, O God, Thine own I am,

Now I give Thee back Thine own:

Freedom, friends, and health, and fame,

Consecrate to Thee alone;

Thine I live, thrice happy I;

Happier still when Thine I die.

Hymn #470