Hymns, #467

Consecration - Acknowledging the Lord's Reign

Eng/Kor:467  Chin:-  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:-  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Annie W. Marston

Hymn using same tune: #985


This day the Lord has spoken,

This day my choice is made:

I will be all for Jesus,

Who all for me has paid.


Now His shall be the empire,

In all things over me;

And I will be His bond slave,

Yet gloriously free.


From henceforth, owning nothing,

I cannot lose at all;

I cannot well be poorer,

Whatever may befall.


Yet could I not be richer,

If I the world should gain;

For heav'n and earth shall perish,

But Jesus will remain.


And He will be my treasure,

And He my boundless store;

And those who live on Jesus,

Will never hunger more.


Though I am utter weakness,

In Him I shall prevail;

And though my love may falter,

Yet His will never fail.

Hymn #467