Hymns, #442

Consecration - Surrendering All to the Lord

Eng/Kor:442  Chin:340  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:442  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:A. C. Snead
Music:George C. Stebbins

This hymn has a unique tune.


Fully surrendered — Lord, I would be,

Fully surrendered, dear Lord, to Thee.

All on the altar laid,

Surrender fully made,

Thou hast my ransom paid;

I yield to Thee.


Fully surrendered — life, time, and all,

All Thou hast given me held at Thy call.

Speak but the word to me,

Gladly I'll follow Thee,

Now and eternally

Obey my Lord.


Fully surrendered — silver and gold,

His, who hath given me riches untold.

All, all belong to Thee,

For Thou didst purchase me,

Thine evermore to be,

Jesus, my Lord.


Fully surrendered — Lord, I am Thine;

Fully surrendered, Savior divine!

Live Thou Thy life in me;

All fullness dwells in Thee;

Not I, but Christ in me,

Christ all in all.

Hymn #442