Hymns, #440

Consecration - Separated unto the Lord

Eng/Kor:440  Chin:336  Span:-  Rus:-  Tag:440  Fra:-  Por:-

Lyrics:Lucy A. Bennett
Music:James Mountain
Meter: with repeat.

Hymn using same tune: #435


Holy, happy separation!

They alone are truly blest

Who from all besides retiring,

And Himself alone desiring

Find in Jesus only rest,

Find in Jesus only rest.


Jesus calls to separation,

And Himself hath led the way;

His own life the explanation,

His own life the illustration

Who is ready to obey?

Who is ready to obey?


Blessed Jesus, make us willing,

Thus without the camp to go

Unto Thee in glad subjection,

Unto Thee in Thy rejection,

Unto Thee from all below,

Unto Thee from all below!


Separate from all that grieves Thee,

Separate from sinners too;

Yet, like Thee, for sinners caring,

And, like Thee, with sinners bearing,

Asking, "What would Jesus do?"

Asking, "What would Jesus do?"


Unto Thee! Beloved Master,

Nearer, nearer let us be;

Unto Thee in consecration,

Unto Thee in separation,

Ever, only, unto Thee,

Ever, only, unto Thee!

Hymn #440