Hymns, #36

Worship of the Father - His Predestination

Eng/Kor:36  Chin:32  Span:24  Rus:196  Tag:36  Fra:-  Por:26

Lyrics:P. Van den Berg, from Dutch
Music:Henry T. Smart

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We praise Thee, glorious Father,

As objects of Thy grace,

Who for Thine own heart's pleasure

Are now before Thy face:

Thy sons marked out for glory —

Known from eternity —

With Christ Thy Well-beloved,

Object supreme to Thee.


Who else but Thee, O Father,

Could in Thine only Son

So bless us with Thy Spirit,

And have us for Thine own?

Soon shall we be forever

With Christ in glory; then

We'll shine in His blest image

Eternally, Amen!

Hymn #36